31. Dezember 2010 The chief's annual report V

The annual facts for the year 2010

  • 75 shows played
  • in Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain and France
  • We ran down more than 27'000 kilometers in our van
  • 3'000 km by plane

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Lt SLAM & his cowboys from hell


31. Dezember 2009 The chief's annual report IV

Annual facts for the year 2009

  • 102 shows played
  • in Switzerland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, France and Spain
  • 31‘000 km on the road through Europe
  • 3‘500 km by plane
  • By the end of August we released our third record "A fistful of Songs" through Wanted Men Records

Enjoy wintertime
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Lt SLAM & his cowboys from hell




31. December 2008 Lookin' back

These are the facts of the year 2008:

  • 110 shows played
    in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Austria
    we did more than 30‘000 km with our van
    in October we released our second album "GUILTY"
    brandnew videoclip for "You ain't free (if you are a hobo)"
    Airplay on several radio stations in Switzerland, Germany and United States
    TV appearances on Swiss Television and in Germany (FAB, Fernsehen aus Berlin)

We still have a couple of unreleased songs up one's sleeve. We gonna put them on a disc somewhere down the road.
You could get the cd during summertime. Stay tuned...

We wish you all a nice 2009
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31. Dezember 2007 The chief's annual report II

The originial two-men band turned out to be a real four-piece bastard-country band:
SLAM & HOWIE and the reserve men.

A big big thanx to all the guys who kept this motor running:
Howie, Ringo, Django, Magot, Ross the red, Kiss, Avarel, Dachlito und Chris THANX !!! 

This are the facts for 2007:

  • 83  played concerts
  • In Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Czech Republic and Austria
  • 19‘000 kilometers on the road
  • In April we played the first gig as a four piece
  • The debut album "Vicious Songs" was released in September through N-Gage Productions
  • Videoclipo for Shotgun Rag
  • TV  appearance in Music Night on Swiss Television. Several radio interviews in Switzerland and Germany

Thanks to all the cowboys and cowgirls who came to our shows and supported us in any way. BIG RESPECT

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Lt SLAM & his cowboys from hell


31. Dezember 2006 The chief's annual report I

This are the facts for 2006:

  • 60 played concerts
  • 3 tours through Germany
  • 12'000 kilometers by slam's car
  • 2'000 kilometers by plane
  • Gigs on ships, ski slopes, squats, farms, country clubs, techno-clubs, living rooms, castle

See you in hell or in 2007